We’re moving! (kinda)

Hey guys! A year ago I started blogging. I was pretty unfocused, and didn’t have direction of any sort, but I liked blogs and figured I wanted to do one….. So i wrote about everything and nothing, and not consistently at all. Recently Trae and I decided to do something cool…

Write a blog TOGETHER! IT’S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN! It will be more traveling-on-the-cheap, and adventure related, and while it will still be personal, it will also have the tendency to be less “cyber-diary” then this one can be at times. The best news of all is not Trae will edit my posts before I put then online for all to see.. spelling and grammar mistakes and all (fingers crossed.) 

I’m still going to keep this one up, but please if you follow this blog, please go over and follow simpleadventures.info. It really will be where the cool kids are at. 


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24 weeks and LOVING it.

24 weeks.Well I’m just a few days shy of 24 weeks (6 months) of pregnancy with our little man!

I have been terrible at blogging as of late. It’s much harder to be a wife, preggo, and work full time than I though it would be. Most evenings when I get home all I want to do is veg out on the couch/bed/chair (hey our apartment is small so one piece of furniture wears many hats) and prepare for classes the next day. but here is a small update on the last few months of pregnancy in Korea.

20140125-130641.jpgWe went on our backacking trip throughout S.E. Asia and it was wonderful! At the beginning I quickly realized I couldn’t carry as much weight in my backpack as I thought (sorry Trae) and that if I get hungry and tired, I get a bit cranky and sick. So I as long as I stayed hydrated and fed and all was well. On the last few days of the trip I started feeling our little prince, and quickly realized he is pretty particular. Every time my pants were too tight, or my hip-strap on my backpack was on he would kick and kick and kick until he got his space back. sheesh what kind of picky kid is he?! 2 days after I felt him move Trae was also able to feel hime kick on our flight from Kuala Lampur into Korea. I think he (baby C) already recognizes Korea as home :).

I only got sick once on the trip and it was from eating 2 day old, cold street food that I found in my bag and gave into in a moment of weakness. It was a bad idea that I paid for in several nights of sitting on the toilet. gross.

Little man is aprox. 12 inches long from feet to head and weighs about 1lb, 2 oz. He has eyelids, fingerprints and tooth buds and his reflexes are growing faster and stronger. He can hear me when I talk and supposedly is already somewhat able to recognize my voice.

He is incredibly active. After I eat, change positions, drink anything, lay down, or wear anything to tight he starts kicking and stretching out. I can’t believe how big he is, one minute he will be kicking me in the pelvis, the other in my ribs, then on my sides. At our last check up he was moving so much we could hardly even get an ultrasound picture, and the one we did get looks like… black and white scribbles. His moving is wonderful though. Every kick is reassurance that he is doing ok and is strong and healthy – totally gives new meaning to the phrase “alive and kicking” He’s only kept me up one night with his acrobatics, it was a little annoying but I know it was but a teeny glimpse into the future.

Weight gain: I think I’ve gained about 13 lbs since being pregnant, although everything here is in kgs so I get a little confused.

Viability: Little man is big enough that He could actually survive outside the womb! My sister-in-law was a preemie, and while she had to stay in the hospital for months, she was delivered at 24 weeks.

Maternity clothes: Still wearing all normal clothes. Undergarments are another story as they estimate about 8 lbs of my weight gain has been above my stomach and below my shoulders (hint, its where you feed babies). I do have 2 pairs of skinny jeans that I have to unbutton and use the old rubber-band trick on. My clothes still all “FIT” but they just don’t fit as great as they did before. The fact that its freezing also contributes to feeling bulky all the time.

Exercise: Still working out several times a week. I’ve had to cut out any ab workouts for Baby’s sake, but I’ve more on my buttock, thighs and arms (they say its best to focus on these because it helps delivery and post pregnancy most)  I’ve stopped running anything more than 5 miles, but my average run is 3 miles in 25-27 minutes 3 times a week… on a treadmill as it is winter and cold outside.

Cravings: My vice both now and pre-pregnancy has been nachos. I love them. I also have developed a crush on oranges or anything vitamin C. I have had reverse cravings on starches, especially rice (bummer that I’m in Korea) I mainly want food that is either filled with nutrients, or salty 🙂

Health: Feeling awesome. I did come down with a terrible cough (which I’m calling the whooping cough even though it may not actually be the real whooping) for a few weeks, but it’s pretty much gone now.

Emotional Stability: I have thankfully not gone crazy with emotions. honestly I think I’ve actually mellowed down emotionally since becoming pregnant.

Unexpected cons:

Back pain. My lower back has hurt severely and frequently. the doctor says that it’s the pressure of the growing uterus. I’ve become the biggest fan of tiger balm as a pain reliever.

Sleeping on my side has not been an easy transition. I’ve been a stomach sleeper my entire life, and while I still can lay on my front without pain, it starts to feel uncomfortable after about an hour. SO every night I make a nest of pillows for myself, and still wake up every few hours to adjust because random limbs fall asleep.

Picking a name is hard. really hard –  hence the reason we still call hime baby C. On the bright side, we’ve narrowed it down to about 3 options! (the suspense is killing me!!jk)

Having family visit! My mom is going to come for the birth, and my sister is going to come to Korea for the month I have to go back to work after my maternity leave! What fun!

Unexpected Pros:

How much I love him. Seriously. I can not wrap my mind around how utterly obsessed I am with this little guy. I am always day dreaming about him, thinking about him, poking him, praying for him. It is so amazing to have a little human growing inside me, completely dependent on me. It’s crazy.

Feeling a baby move inside is AWESOME. Kinda like a fish swimming around. Kinda like a tiny Ninja trying to attack me every 2 seconds. It doesn’t hurt, but it is SO cool.

Being able to drink small amounts of coffee, and still be able to workout. Honestly when he’s not moving I don’t even feel pregnant.. until I look at a mirror or someone random starts rubbing my belly 🙂

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Backpacking S.E. Asia (preggo): The beginning

southeast_asia_pol_2003Saturday AM we will start our christmas break backpacking trip! We have been looking forward to this trip for months (years actually) and we are thrilled that it is finally here! It will be an early start on Sat AM, especially since we are going to the midnight showing of the hobbit the night before (what can I say, we’re die-hard LOTR fans… sort of).

A quick rundown of what we will be doing is visiting: China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Riding elephants, flyboarding, elephant riding, jungle trekking, relaxing on the beach and eating lots of amazing food. (don’t worry, I’ll be smart. No SCUBA or impact sports or free diving or crazy food for me)

Anyway. I am so excited to head out. Korea is great, but a time away from work and the normal is always appreciated.

backpacking listIf you are planning a backpacking trip through S.E. Asia, I found a great packing photo and inspiration from another backpackers blog titled “bangkok to Singapore in 3 weeks.

Our list will look something like this.

 IMPORTANT ITEMS: Passport, visas (or visa approval letters) cash for visa fees, emergency cash, international credit card,

BACKPACK: Trae and I both have great backpacks (mine is a 65L and his is an 80L) Trae bought his at northface for $80 and we bought mine here from a moving sale for $10. Mine has a removable daypack, but if yours doesn’t, make sure to pack an extra small bag for your daytime excursions (if you can lock up your bag at your hostel or hotel)

TOILETRIES & MEDS: Powder makeup and waterproof mascara, razor,  chapstick, shampoo & conditioner, prenatal vitamins, contact solution, contact case, extra pair of contacts, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, bug spray, melatonin, nausea meds, diarrhea meds. EVERYTHING IS TRAVEL-SIZED. Ziplock bags to put everything in.

SHOES: one pair of sandals and one pair of running shoes.

BASIC CLOTHING: Swimsuit, 1 pair running shorts, 2 pair other shorts, maxi skirt, 3 tank tops, 3 t-shirts. one light jacket one pair jeans

MISC: a plastic sack for dirty and/or wet clothing, sunglasses, snacks (i need food or I get hangry (hungry + angry #babywants it) 3 pair socks, 4 pair underwear, 2 sports bras, small towel, possibly a light blanket, but we might just pickup a large scarf on our way and call it good.

ELECTRONICS: (This is where we are probablygoing a little heavy, but we love our cameras and whatnot.)  CAMERAS: gopro, gopro stick, mounts, extra  SIM cards, Cannon, extra lens, extra SIM cards, chargers for both. PHONES, chargers and adapters, lifeproof case. COMPUTER charger and adapter.

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Harder than I Anticipated.



So I went into this whole pregnancy thing with this expectation. I wanted to be a fit preggo mom. you know, the ones you see running pushing a stroller while the only tell tale sign of pregnancy is the small hard bump the size of a volleyball on their gut?

Blog after blog brought more and more inspiration. I told myself  “I can do this and show pregnancy that it can’t control me” “I’m not going to get fat again, just pregnant” (my healthy weight is about 128-135 mayyyybe I may have let myself go a bit in highschool and got myself up to 160…. while leaning against the wall… and holding my weight up by the toilet back. Not exactly the sign of someone comfortable in their skin, and i have no idea what i actually weighed.) anyway . While i DO want to do my best to stay healthy and not blow up like a balloon, i think my body type pregnant isn’t going to look like Shakira – heck even not pregnant it doesn’t look like Shakira. ….

Staying fit while pregnant is actually quite hard. It’s winter. it’s cold, I’m pregnant, I’m tired. I work, I’m busy. Kudos to all those moms who run marathons and weight lift up until they go into labor, but I’m not sure that will be me.

As you may know I had signed up for a 1/2 marathon at the end of November and unfortunately I was only able to do a 10K . It was the smart decision. the weather was getting cold cold cold and all my daylight hours were at work, and lets be honest, even in pretty safe Korea I’m not going to go on a 2 hour run, alone, at night to train. pregnant or not. (plus, the registration didn’t go though, my knee started to hurt, and i had to do something else the morning of the 1/2) SO my runs have had to cut down to 3-6 miles, and my daily workouts have maybe slipped back to several times a week.

SO to encourage those who are pregnant or plan on being pregnant someday, things won’t stay or look the same, and that’s ok. stay healthy and active, but pregnancy isn’t a time to impress people with how hot your body is or how fit you are. it’s a time to nurture the young life growing inside of you.

I know it sounds like not running the 1/2 wasn’t a big deal, but it was. I was SO proud (my first mistake. pride is never a good thing) of the fact that i was going to run a 1/2 marathon on the first day of my second trimester, but honestly I couldn’t train up to the mileage without feeling like i would hurt myself. My knee was bothering me after about 6 miles, my bladder wasn’t feeling strong enough to last over several miles, and the morning of the race i woke up and honestly cried for like 10 minutes because i felt like such a “fit-preggo-failure” but then (with traes encouragement) I went out and ran what I could, and after 6 miles I was done. It was’t what I had hoped I could do, but it was what I could do while still being smart. 


On the note of pregnancy workouts though, my favorite workout these days is 

run 2-3 miles (slow. about 9.5-10 minute miles) 

100 squats+100 crunches/75 squats+75 crunches (etc then 50, then 25 of each)

1.5 minutes of planks on each side (front, left, right, then repeat) . 

10 minutes of wall sits, alternating leg lifts (50 on the right leg, 50 on the left, rest repeat)

then at Least 10 minutes of stretching. 


If anyone has any great ideas please send the links my way! I’m going to have to replace crunches with something soon as 20  weeks comes along and abs are a big no no. Until next time, stay strong, stay healthy and stay smart!

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Holiday eggnog

Living in Korea we can find most anything we need, but it’s those special holiday treats that are not available. Though as a kid we never drank eggnog I’ve found I love it, especially hot, or in coffee.

Trying to be domestic I actually MADE eggnog yesterday! Ok it did take 2 failed attempts to get it right, but here is a recipe I got from traes mom, (a longer recipe to make) and another one I found somewhere online and adapted. (A more quick eggnog)

Childs Family Eggnog

4 cups milk
5 whole cloves
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
12 egg yolks
1 1/2 cups sugar
Run extract
4 cups light cream
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1. Combine milk, cloves, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, and cinnamon in a saucepan, and heat over lowest setting for 5 minutes. Slowly bring milk mixture to a boil.
2. In a large bowl, combine egg yolks and sugar. Whisk together until fluffy. Whisk hot milk mixture slowly into the eggs. Pour mixture into saucepan. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly for 3 minutes, or until thick. Do not allow mixture to boil. Strain to remove cloves, and let cool for about an hour.
3. Stir in rum extract, cream, 2 teaspoon vanilla, and nutmeg. Refrigerate overnight before serving.

Easy and Quick Eggnog

4 cups milk
2 cups heavy cream
8 eggs (2 egg yokes)
2/3 cups sugar (+ 2 tbs )
1 tsp vanilla
5 whole Cloves

1) Separate eggs and whip 8 egg whites till they make peaks, add 2tbs. Sugar and whip a few more minutes.

2) in separate bowl whisk 10 egg yokes with 2/3 cups sugar, whisk in cream and milk, add in cloves, nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon to taste. (If you want to make it less Raw, whisk on the stove on medium heat for about 7 minutes, but then you’ll have to strain it to get any bits of cooked egg out)

3) fold in egg whites and stir carefully until smooth.

Serve immediately or Keep refrigerated for I think up to 3 days.

It’s awesome if you heat up the eggnog then drink a half eggnog half coffee creamy deliciousness. Also add whip if you want!!!!

On the note of whip I felt so accomplished making these dishes. Maybe my kitchenaid is a crutch back home , but I don’t think I’ve felt more domestic or momish then beating a bowl of cream by hand until it was whip. It also took forever!


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Hike Korea: Mt. Palgongsan

Mt. Palgongsan!

Mt. Palgongsan!

I admit that while there is a ton of hiking here in Korea, I have only made it up a mountain once. The weeks go by so fast, with every week day being busy till late, and weekends having activities littered here and there. It’s so different being at the mercy of a bus schedule. the mountain is only about 7 miles away from our house, but via bus it is around an hr. trip one way, so to hike requires a several hour allotment of time. anyway excuses over.

Daegu lies at the base of Mt. Palgongsan. There are several main mountains around, but Palgongsan is supposed to be the “mother of the city’ or something like that. On top most all the mountains and hills around there are various temples, shrines and more strangely grave sites. Seriously graves are everywhere in the hills. walking in the middle of no where and “oh look, a old grave”. most the graves are just circular mounds of dirt (Koreans used to be buried standing up) here and there. many times no markings, just mounds.

rock slats with some sort of prayer on them.

rock slats with some sort of prayer on them.

Many people hike up to the temples a few times of year to pay homage and many people also bring these cement/stone slats that have writing on them. I’m not sure of the meaning behind these, but they’re everywhere. But in case you had sticky fingers and wanted to bring one home, think again. CCTV, just like everywhere in korea, is also keeping it watchful eye on the temples.

There are many places to go up mt. Palgongsan, we just took the first one google maps told us to take, and it was a simple several mile trail (Treacherous and steep at some points. Korean trails are not very manicured) There are other routes however, one that includes a cable car, and others that have hot springs and jimjilbang. Jimjilbangs are Korean bath houses where you basically bath in hot pools, all together, naked. they’re quite the thing here (boys and girls separated of course)

Walking up the trail some of the temples are very, very old. one was 400 years old, and the other was maybe 1000. there are many rock formations built up all over and quite a few beautiful tombstones from some priests dead and gone.

inside a temple

inside a temple

the temples were pretty, but not what I went to see. I was more infatuated with the beauty of Gods creation. The leaves were at the fall peak, and the air was warm with only a mild chill. It felt so great to get out of the city and into nature. I keep meaning to go on another hike but its gotten super cold and rainy, and our free days have been not-so-free… excuses excuses lol 🙂

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First trimester almost over!

Baby C at 12 weeks!

Baby C // 12 weeks!

I can hardly believe how time flies, but with or without my belief, I have only 5 more days till my second trimester of pregnancy! Over all it has been a pretty enjoyable experience. I’m even starting to show a little bit though Honestly I think 2 weeks ago I was “showing more” but I think it was just gas or something because what belly I had is about half gone now lol. The flood of emotions, praying, dreaming, planning, logistics,  its been a whole new world. It would be hard to consolidate all those emotions into one post, but here are a few thoughts from the first trimester.

1) Hearing my baby’s heartbeat and latter watching it kick and punch and squirm around during the ultrasound was one of the most incredible feelings I have ever experienced. I can not believe that is going on inside me!

2) The amount of love and maternal feelings I have for this baby is unreal. 2 months ago I cried because I felt I wasn’t ready, was too young, wasn’t willing to sacrifice my coffee and freedom (yaddy yaddy ya, I know grow up Christi). Now if anything would happen to this child I would be devastated. I find myself touching my belly, talking to my baby, praying over my baby ALL THE TIME. I am completely and utterly infatuated with this tiny human and I haven’t even felt one kick.

3) It is a miracle. Every time I think about it blows my mind. Doctors have tried and tried, invested millions, and years into trying to recreate the miracle that my body is doing right now. What happens in the womb, the nurturing, protecting, feeding  is more then any machine or human ingenuity has done.  When I feel tired or exhausted and need a pick me up I remind my self that “3 doctors, working full time, making 6 figures a year could not do what I am doing now WHILE working full time…” after that I always feel like I should get a raise, the raise hasn’t happened but I have gotten more foot and back massages from Trae then I could count 🙂

4) The tiredness is completely and truly real, and not a figment of pregnant women’s imagination. I have never felt so exhausted so easily than in the past 3 months. I was so blessed however to be one of the ones with only mild cases of morning sickness. only for a few weeks, and only mildly. I threw up twice, but I think it was motion sickness and not morning sickness.

5) but to piggyback on that last one, I DO need to eat… like all the time. IF I let my tummy get empty then I cease to be one of the lucky and feel horrible nausea just like the next preggo woman.

6) Pregnancy is not an illness, but it is hard. I’ve been trying (albeit poorly) to stay in-shape and active. It’s been hard but more from the busy note (I’m at work during all daylight hours) and not from the pregnancy note. I’m trying to run a 1/2 marathon this Saturday but it will probably be very, very slow as it’s been terribly hard finding time to run these days…. and it’s really cold.. but I will still try 😉

7) Being near family is priceless. I know this very well because I am very, very far from family, and it is honestly one of the most difficult factors of this whole deal.

8) Korea is an awesome place to have a baby! the healthcare is great, the costs are low (if you work and have insurance) and the government even gives you a $500 grant for prenatal costs! it IS hard to find English speaking doctors, but after that it’s all peachy keen (ok not exactly, but it is pretty great). I also get a ton of ultrasounds. I’ve already had 3!. I’m going to have then cut back from here on out though. I’ve heard there is some research showing too many affects the baby and so on, so may off the baby pictures. Plus I don’t think I’ll need 20 ultrasound pictures of my baby. it’s a little excessive.

9) I haven’t been as emotional (i.e. crying all the time) as I thought I would be…. but i have gotten much nearer to crying much more often then before.

10) I may have cravings, but I have been really trying to keep those suppressed. living in Korea it would be just my luck that I would crave something like cottage cheese, then be depressed and frustrated that it is nowhere to be found here. I do find that I reverse-crave starchy foods and rice, which is a bummer since I live in Korea where there is rice with every single meal.

Over all I feel amazing. Trae has been the most supportive husband I could ask for. After our 12 hours days I can always count on him to get me some tea and a foot rub once we get home. I love having him as my baby-daddy… and in 2 weeks we get to find out if this little one is a baby BOY or GIRL! (ahhhhhhhh i can’t help but sequel in excitement waiting!) once we find out we will begin discussing names and whatnot!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more baby C updates!

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