First trimester almost over!

Baby C at 12 weeks!

Baby C // 12 weeks!

I can hardly believe how time flies, but with or without my belief, I have only 5 more days till my second trimester of pregnancy! Over all it has been a pretty enjoyable experience. I’m even starting to show a little bit though Honestly I think 2 weeks ago I was “showing more” but I think it was just gas or something because what belly I had is about half gone now lol. The flood of emotions, praying, dreaming, planning, logistics,  its been a whole new world. It would be hard to consolidate all those emotions into one post, but here are a few thoughts from the first trimester.

1) Hearing my baby’s heartbeat and latter watching it kick and punch and squirm around during the ultrasound was one of the most incredible feelings I have ever experienced. I can not believe that is going on inside me!

2) The amount of love and maternal feelings I have for this baby is unreal. 2 months ago I cried because I felt I wasn’t ready, was too young, wasn’t willing to sacrifice my coffee and freedom (yaddy yaddy ya, I know grow up Christi). Now if anything would happen to this child I would be devastated. I find myself touching my belly, talking to my baby, praying over my baby ALL THE TIME. I am completely and utterly infatuated with this tiny human and I haven’t even felt one kick.

3) It is a miracle. Every time I think about it blows my mind. Doctors have tried and tried, invested millions, and years into trying to recreate the miracle that my body is doing right now. What happens in the womb, the nurturing, protecting, feeding  is more then any machine or human ingenuity has done.  When I feel tired or exhausted and need a pick me up I remind my self that “3 doctors, working full time, making 6 figures a year could not do what I am doing now WHILE working full time…” after that I always feel like I should get a raise, the raise hasn’t happened but I have gotten more foot and back massages from Trae then I could count 🙂

4) The tiredness is completely and truly real, and not a figment of pregnant women’s imagination. I have never felt so exhausted so easily than in the past 3 months. I was so blessed however to be one of the ones with only mild cases of morning sickness. only for a few weeks, and only mildly. I threw up twice, but I think it was motion sickness and not morning sickness.

5) but to piggyback on that last one, I DO need to eat… like all the time. IF I let my tummy get empty then I cease to be one of the lucky and feel horrible nausea just like the next preggo woman.

6) Pregnancy is not an illness, but it is hard. I’ve been trying (albeit poorly) to stay in-shape and active. It’s been hard but more from the busy note (I’m at work during all daylight hours) and not from the pregnancy note. I’m trying to run a 1/2 marathon this Saturday but it will probably be very, very slow as it’s been terribly hard finding time to run these days…. and it’s really cold.. but I will still try 😉

7) Being near family is priceless. I know this very well because I am very, very far from family, and it is honestly one of the most difficult factors of this whole deal.

8) Korea is an awesome place to have a baby! the healthcare is great, the costs are low (if you work and have insurance) and the government even gives you a $500 grant for prenatal costs! it IS hard to find English speaking doctors, but after that it’s all peachy keen (ok not exactly, but it is pretty great). I also get a ton of ultrasounds. I’ve already had 3!. I’m going to have then cut back from here on out though. I’ve heard there is some research showing too many affects the baby and so on, so may off the baby pictures. Plus I don’t think I’ll need 20 ultrasound pictures of my baby. it’s a little excessive.

9) I haven’t been as emotional (i.e. crying all the time) as I thought I would be…. but i have gotten much nearer to crying much more often then before.

10) I may have cravings, but I have been really trying to keep those suppressed. living in Korea it would be just my luck that I would crave something like cottage cheese, then be depressed and frustrated that it is nowhere to be found here. I do find that I reverse-crave starchy foods and rice, which is a bummer since I live in Korea where there is rice with every single meal.

Over all I feel amazing. Trae has been the most supportive husband I could ask for. After our 12 hours days I can always count on him to get me some tea and a foot rub once we get home. I love having him as my baby-daddy… and in 2 weeks we get to find out if this little one is a baby BOY or GIRL! (ahhhhhhhh i can’t help but sequel in excitement waiting!) once we find out we will begin discussing names and whatnot!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more baby C updates!

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  1. Naomi J says:

    Sooooo Excitinggggggg!

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