Harder than I Anticipated.



So I went into this whole pregnancy thing with this expectation. I wanted to be a fit preggo mom. you know, the ones you see running pushing a stroller while the only tell tale sign of pregnancy is the small hard bump the size of a volleyball on their gut?

Blog after blog brought more and more inspiration. I told myself  “I can do this and show pregnancy that it can’t control me” “I’m not going to get fat again, just pregnant” (my healthy weight is about 128-135 mayyyybe I may have let myself go a bit in highschool and got myself up to 160…. while leaning against the wall… and holding my weight up by the toilet back. Not exactly the sign of someone comfortable in their skin, and i have no idea what i actually weighed.) anyway . While i DO want to do my best to stay healthy and not blow up like a balloon, i think my body type pregnant isn’t going to look like Shakira – heck even not pregnant it doesn’t look like Shakira. ….

Staying fit while pregnant is actually quite hard. It’s winter. it’s cold, I’m pregnant, I’m tired. I work, I’m busy. Kudos to all those moms who run marathons and weight lift up until they go into labor, but I’m not sure that will be me.

As you may know I had signed up for a 1/2 marathon at the end of November and unfortunately I was only able to do a 10K . It was the smart decision. the weather was getting cold cold cold and all my daylight hours were at work, and lets be honest, even in pretty safe Korea I’m not going to go on a 2 hour run, alone, at night to train. pregnant or not. (plus, the registration didn’t go though, my knee started to hurt, and i had to do something else the morning of the 1/2) SO my runs have had to cut down to 3-6 miles, and my daily workouts have maybe slipped back to several times a week.

SO to encourage those who are pregnant or plan on being pregnant someday, things won’t stay or look the same, and that’s ok. stay healthy and active, but pregnancy isn’t a time to impress people with how hot your body is or how fit you are. it’s a time to nurture the young life growing inside of you.

I know it sounds like not running the 1/2 wasn’t a big deal, but it was. I was SO proud (my first mistake. pride is never a good thing) of the fact that i was going to run a 1/2 marathon on the first day of my second trimester, but honestly I couldn’t train up to the mileage without feeling like i would hurt myself. My knee was bothering me after about 6 miles, my bladder wasn’t feeling strong enough to last over several miles, and the morning of the race i woke up and honestly cried for like 10 minutes because i felt like such a “fit-preggo-failure” but then (with traes encouragement) I went out and ran what I could, and after 6 miles I was done. It was’t what I had hoped I could do, but it was what I could do while still being smart. 


On the note of pregnancy workouts though, my favorite workout these days is 

run 2-3 miles (slow. about 9.5-10 minute miles) 

100 squats+100 crunches/75 squats+75 crunches (etc then 50, then 25 of each)

1.5 minutes of planks on each side (front, left, right, then repeat) . 

10 minutes of wall sits, alternating leg lifts (50 on the right leg, 50 on the left, rest repeat)

then at Least 10 minutes of stretching. 


If anyone has any great ideas please send the links my way! I’m going to have to replace crunches with something soon as 20  weeks comes along and abs are a big no no. Until next time, stay strong, stay healthy and stay smart!

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