Backpacking S.E. Asia (preggo): The beginning

southeast_asia_pol_2003Saturday AM we will start our christmas break backpacking trip! We have been looking forward to this trip for months (years actually) and we are thrilled that it is finally here! It will be an early start on Sat AM, especially since we are going to the midnight showing of the hobbit the night before (what can I say, we’re die-hard LOTR fans… sort of).

A quick rundown of what we will be doing is visiting: China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Riding elephants, flyboarding, elephant riding, jungle trekking, relaxing on the beach and eating lots of amazing food. (don’t worry, I’ll be smart. No SCUBA or impact sports or free diving or crazy food for me)

Anyway. I am so excited to head out. Korea is great, but a time away from work and the normal is always appreciated.

backpacking listIf you are planning a backpacking trip through S.E. Asia, I found a great packing photo and inspiration from another backpackers blog titled “bangkok to Singapore in 3 weeks.

Our list will look something like this.

 IMPORTANT ITEMS: Passport, visas (or visa approval letters) cash for visa fees, emergency cash, international credit card,

BACKPACK: Trae and I both have great backpacks (mine is a 65L and his is an 80L) Trae bought his at northface for $80 and we bought mine here from a moving sale for $10. Mine has a removable daypack, but if yours doesn’t, make sure to pack an extra small bag for your daytime excursions (if you can lock up your bag at your hostel or hotel)

TOILETRIES & MEDS: Powder makeup and waterproof mascara, razor,  chapstick, shampoo & conditioner, prenatal vitamins, contact solution, contact case, extra pair of contacts, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, bug spray, melatonin, nausea meds, diarrhea meds. EVERYTHING IS TRAVEL-SIZED. Ziplock bags to put everything in.

SHOES: one pair of sandals and one pair of running shoes.

BASIC CLOTHING: Swimsuit, 1 pair running shorts, 2 pair other shorts, maxi skirt, 3 tank tops, 3 t-shirts. one light jacket one pair jeans

MISC: a plastic sack for dirty and/or wet clothing, sunglasses, snacks (i need food or I get hangry (hungry + angry #babywants it) 3 pair socks, 4 pair underwear, 2 sports bras, small towel, possibly a light blanket, but we might just pickup a large scarf on our way and call it good.

ELECTRONICS: (This is where we are probablygoing a little heavy, but we love our cameras and whatnot.)  CAMERAS: gopro, gopro stick, mounts, extra  SIM cards, Cannon, extra lens, extra SIM cards, chargers for both. PHONES, chargers and adapters, lifeproof case. COMPUTER charger and adapter.

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